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We have been growing Christmas trees for over 75 years and currently grow over 60,000 trees on our 125-acre farm.  You can choose to roam the fields looking for that perfect tree, find a pre-cut tree by the Christmas barn, or pick from a large selection of balled and burlapped trees to plant after Christmas. 
We have six varieties to choose from: Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine, Leyland Cypress and Canaan Fir.  We still have a great variety of other types of trees available in all sizes. We also have a large selection of trees up to 20 feet tall!  All trees are individually priced according to variety, size and quality. 

After finding the perfect tree, we can assist you in cutting, hauling, shaking and tying your tree onto your car. In addition, we sell stands which we will put on for you.  Just take your tree home and stand it up!  Then bring the stand back every year to be put on your new tree at no additional charge.
Come into our Christmas barn for complimentary hot chocolate and cookies!  Inside, we sell wreaths, swags, pine roping and arrangements made fresh daily on our farm.  There are also many ornaments and gifts available for purchase.  You can also enjoy viewing our antique John Deere tractors, Model “A” cars and American flag display.
The fields close at dark, but there are lights over our pre-cut, balled and burlapped trees for evening shoppers.
Every tree is individually priced according to type, size, shape, color and fullness.

Canaan Fir (Pink Tags)

The Canaan Fir is our most fragrant and popular tree. It has a rich color that ranges from a deep green to a dark-blue green. With soft and short needles, it’s a beautiful tree that’s easy to decorate.

Norway Spruce (Orange Tags)

Norway Spruces are known for their dark green color and short needles. This typically wide and full tree has firm branches and a fragrant scent.

White Pine (White Tags)

White Pines are known for their long soft green to bluish-green needles and fluffy appearance. These trees are lightweight and easy to handle, but do not hold heavy ornaments well.

Estimated prices and available sizes:
Canaan Fir 6’-9’   $12-$20 Per Ft 10’-20’   $17-$30 Per Ft -
Fraser Fir (Precut):-7’-8’   $12-$15 Per Ft8’-9’   $12-$20 Per Ft
Blue Spruce:5’-7’   $10-$15 Per Ft8’-10’   $12-$20 Per Ft -
Norway Spruce:5’-7’   $8-$11 Per Ft8’-11’   $10-$18 Per Ft15’-20’   $15-$20 Per Ft
White Pine: 3’-6’   $5-$7 Per Ft 7’-9’   $7-$10 Per Ft 10’-13’   $11-$15 Per Ft
Balled and Burlapped Trees
Norway Spruce
5’-7’   $25-$30 Per Ft
Baby Blue Eyes Spruce 4’-6’   $30-$37 Per Ft - -
White Pine 5’-6’   $20-$25 Per Ft -

John T Nieman Nursery has been a family run nursery for 4 generations. John began as a young child helping his father and aunts. Along the way, he developed a love and knowledge for trees.

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